Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little Stinker!

Tyler finds ways to get what he wants, I am going to have to move the "yucky stuff" (as he calls it) down lower and the good stuff up higher.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zion's National Park

We had a great day up at Zion's National Park. Thanks to Dick, we got in for 10 bucks! It really pays to take a senior citizen with you to a National Park. We hiked Emerald Pools with Ginny and Grandma Nobis and all the kids. They were troopers and we had a hard time keeping up with them. What a fun day, lots of memories there, old and new :-)

St. George Visit

Between General Conference on Sunday we ran up to Sugar Loaf (AKA the Dixie Rock). The kids had a great time hiking around and getting really dusty.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Go Cougars!

Scott and his mom got the chance to see the BYU vs. Utah game last Saturday. Carol Jean had not been to a BYU game since she went to school there. This was a happy day for her and Scott - mostly because BYU won! And thanks to Max Hall, our kids had a great Family Home Evening lesson about standing for something at all times, and in all places. We discussed the fact that Max Hall was angry, but that he was not being a good example, and unfortunately, he will be remembered for his speech, not for his abilities on the field that day. We also spoke about the fact that you can't let your emotions overtake your values. All in all, it was a pretty good lesson for our kids.


Tyler was wrestling with Amy, and ran away, tripped on the carpet, and landed on the only thing on the floor, one little lego. He was pretty sad, but wanted to go right back playing. He is such a fun kid!


This was a very small Thanksgiving, but we were lucky enough to visit all of the Stone Family at their SLC reunion Thankgiving night - great to see everyone and try to match kids with parents.
Rachel loves meat - she would eat meat, any kind for any meal.Tyler enjoying the "wing" as Rachel called this turkey leg - yuck

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Tyler - A.K.A. Stinky Skunk!
Rachel - A.K.A. "the bride" (we marry them young here!)

Zack - A.K.A. Aniken

Jake - A.K.A. Obe Wan Kinobe

Jake at his first swim meet

Jake is on a swim team, and has really been loving it. You have to love it to go 4 days a week for 1 hour each time. Michael your heart out!

Grandma's Pedicure

So, Rachel is now offering pedicures, she specializes in "fancy" toes with patterns and pictures. Hum, I wonder where she got that from? Like Mother, Like Daughter!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Love this picture

Zack doesn't hold still for very long, I just love this picture. I think we will call it his GQ look!

Kohler's Disease - rare condition - 1 in 200,000

Check him out in this picture.....he isn't even touching the ground - the cast doesn't slow him down at all!
Zack started limping a couple of weeks ago, and complaining about his foot hurting. Of course I just thought it was the tiny sliver in his foot, and kept squishing his foot into his shoe, and making him walk from the parking lot to preschool, and wondering why he was so ornery. After his teacher at school said he was complaining at school about his foot, I figured I better get it checked out. Scott took him to Primary Children's Emergency Room to see our friend who is a doctor there. They X-rayed it, and sure enough the venicular bone was dead, and just starting to regenerate. The doctors said it was Kohler's Disease, and they hadn't seen it before, let alone, treated it. I called his doctor the next day (after the Orthopedic Doctor said it would be a couple of weeks until they could get him in), and they said they'd call me back to let me know what the treatment was. She was honest with me when she called back and said she was reading out of a book about this disease, and that no one had ever seen it in their office. The treatment is very simple, just keep his foot in a walking cast for 6 weeks, and he should be good as new with no lasting effects. We are so glad it was nothing more, and so grateful for the health of our children.

Can't find Rachel

Well, I know where Rachel is if I can't find her - outside on the swing set (usually swinging on the monkey bars, you should see this kid's callouses on her hands!) She is going to be crushed when the snow comes, but I am sure she will just dress warmer and be in her favorite spot.

Skater boy already!

Tyler loves, loves this skateboard. He can't talk yet, but he will carry thing thing everywhere outside and grunt at me until I hold his hand so he can ride it. He tries to put one foot down to make himself go faster (I am really wishing I would have taken skateboarding lessons).

First Day of School

Jake and Rachel have been great - they have been riding their bikes to school almost every day. So far they haven't gotten in fights after school and left each other behind.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


I couldn't find Tyler for a minute, walking around the house calling out "Tyler, where are you", then I hear, "Booo". He climbed into an empty pot in the living room (I had the fake tree outside cleaning it, fake because I will kill any plant, I'm not sure why I keep it, I think fake plants are out of style, but it fills the void space in the living room, so it is still here). He is getting the hang of hide and go seek, he just forgets to tell me he is hiding.


So, this was exciting. All the neighborhood kids (about 6 of them) were riding their bikes around, and mentioned a big steep driveway that they were going down.....I didn't think much of it.....then they all come riding back a few minutes later......Zack fell off his bike and his mouth is bleeding all over the place! So nice of none of them to stay with him until help came! He was all alone crying at the bottom of the "biggest hill in the wold" in Zack's words. He was so mad at his friend that dared him to ride down the driveway, he hit a bump and went head over hills off his bike right onto his chin....OUCH! Anyway, he is fine now, just sporting a "Scruffy" type goatee bruise and a fat lip.

Our deal after the summer with no tantrums....

So this was our deal, no tantrums, good attitude......pierced ears. Rachel had one more day to go, and she blew it! But after waiting one more week and really helping out every chance she got, she got one more chance and was able to get her ears pierced. The first time to the mall she chickened out (she was a little nervous with all of her cousins there), but the next day she stepped right up and sat on the chair and didn't even frown when she got them pierced.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My New Roomba Baby

He was busy for an hour with this vacuum (I wish it was turned the right way so he would have been cleaning the whole time.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Our baby is one year old!

Tyler didn't blow out the candle, he just wanted to grab it.

The Lange Family Reunion - Salt Lake City - 2009

We had a fun filled few days - from hiking to Donut Falls to the crazy visit to the zoo. It was a great time just because we were all together.